Product Owner – New Zealand Job Vacancy

What you’ll do

You will work with pods and take responsibility for the team backlog, prioritisation and delivery. You will have a strong understanding of the requirements of the business and be able to make clear decisions on prioritisation, minimum viable product and help the team plan and operate accordingly.

Success looks like

You have a clear understanding of Xero’s strategic priorities and how your products and services align to it. You have articulated a compelling product vision that the pod pursues with missionary zeal. They know what’s important, how they are contributing, and why what they’re doing matters.

Product, design and engineering are considered side-by-side: They are all involved in product discovery. Your skill in modern product discovery practices enables the pod to understand and use many experimental techniques.

You and the pod actively seek out metrics to validate a hypothesis and measure results. You enable the pod to instrument their work so they immediately understand how their products are being used and ultimately whether customer and business value is being created.

You have brought your customers and pod closer together: The pod obsess over customers. They engage directly with them and get product ideas from observing customer struggles, and analyzing customer data.

You have built healthy relationships with your stakeholders. Key stakeholders are involved in product discovery activities; and all stakeholders are updated appropriately on product releases and roadmaps.

The boundaries of your products (what the pod owns, what they don’t, and even the grey areas) are articulated and understood inside and outside of the pod.

You and the pod have built a compelling portfolio of products and services that your customers love to use.

Skills and experience

Proven experience championing strategic priorities and helping others relate to and align with it.

Ideally, proven Product Ownership experience — with a toolbox of modern product discovery practices to draw upon.

Ideally, proven experience using a range of metrics to monitor the success and health of products and services. Proven experience of making evidence-based decisions.

A solid track record of addressing customer needs. Ideally, proven experience connecting teams closer with customers (and not just be a proxy for them).

Excellent stakeholder management skills. Proven experience building meaningful, collaborative relationships across all levels of the business.

Ideally, proven experience advocating for/evangelising a product or service with customers and stakeholders.

Proven experience leading a team through influencing and persuasion, without formal authority; and communicating meaningful direction.

Proven ability to create clarity for a team — with an organised work style that is structured, rigorous and consistent.

Ideally, proven experience working with innovative software development projects at scale.

What you’ll bring with you

Communicating the vision & strategy. Keeps Xero’s vision and strategy at the forefront of decision-making and actions. Communicates and helps others understand the importance of the vision and strategy.

Great communication skills. Speaks and writes clearly and articulately without being overly verbose or talkative, and relying on jargon.

Growth mindset. Has a growth mindset — understands that competency is not fixed but is enhanced through dedication and hard work. Demonstrates a love of learning and resilience to adversity that is essential for great accomplishment.

High EQ. Is self aware, self regulated, motivated and empathetic with great interpersonal skills.

Product ownership. Knowledgeable in product ownership. Has a toolkit of modern product discovery practices to draw upon.

Aside from the typical perks you’d expect from a tech company (games rooms, free soft drinks, barista coffee, fresh fruit, sports teams and amazing offices), one of the best things about Xero is our people. You’ll join an inclusive, diverse product team with talented developers from all over the globe.

We support many types of flexible working arrangements like condensed and part-time, which allows you to balance your work, your life and your passions. We offer a great remuneration package which includes shares and life insurance in addition to your base salary plus a range of leave options to suit your well-being.

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