Full Job Description
Job Description

Position Summary:
Under the direction of the Associate Laboratory Director, the phlebotomy supervisor is accountable for all aspects of service delivery, performance, and regulatory compliance for phlebotomy services. The Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of phlebotomy services, staff development, training, and scheduling. The phlebotomy supervisor will provide technical expertise, set expectations, and model behaviors leading to a culture of teamwork and respect.

Specific Responsibilities:
The phlebotomy supervisor will ensure the process of drawing blood is performed according to safety and compliance standards. The supervisor is responsible for coordinating all technical, logistical, and administrative functions to ensure prompt and accurate testing and reporting of results for all clinical laboratory samples within established timeframes. The supervisor is responsible for evaluations, coaching and scheduling.

The phlebotomy supervisor must demonstrate the abilities to:

  • Coordinate the phlebotomist’s schedules through resourceful and creative thinking to accommodate clients’ needs.
  • Communicate effectively to internal and external clients including patients, sales, client service, logistics, senior management, etc.
  • Understand all fundamental phlebotomy procedures and ensure that all phlebotomists can follow these procedures.

General Job Functions & Key Accountabilities:
Under general direction and with latitude for independent judgment:

  • Translate SMG and lab policies into effective section procedures, meeting all regulatory guidelines. Communicates, implements, maintains, and enforces compliance with all procedures, including safety/ infection control, technical performance, professional conduct, and documentation.
  • Provide operational direction and technical guidance for staff. Ensures adequate resources. Visits regularly or on an emergent basis, and is available to all staff in areas of responsibility, including physicians’ offices, Urgent Care Centers, Patient Service Centers, clients, clinics, etc. Provides consultative support for customers.
  • Supervise staff performance. Prepares and conducts accurate performance reviews. Provides constructive feedback and counseling for staff development. Initiates and conducts disciplinary actions.
  • Oversee scheduling and management of work assignments, ensuring appropriate staffing coverage.
  • Coordinate with Laboratory leadership to develop goals and objectives which are in alignment with departmental goals. Stays informed on developments in the field or institutional initiatives and contributes to/supports improved processes. Proactively seeks information and makes recommendations to improve daily processes/work environment.
  • Oversee effectiveness and timeliness of training; provides additional training as needed. Coordinates training needs with Training Coordinator to ensure ability to meet all service needs.
  • Participate in laboratory/section management meetings and conducts regular staff meetings for area of responsibility. Responds to inquiries/concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Follow Human Resource policies. Recommends actions related to hiring, promotion, and progressive counseling. Participates in the candidate selection process.
  • Participate in the department’s Quality Assurance program and reviews quality data regularly. Identifies trends and issues and works to implement timely solutions. Reviews error and incident reports; plans follow up and training to avoid repetition of errors.
  • Verify and authorize payroll. Approve and monitor overtime usage.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Provide continuous monitoring of accuracy, timeliness, appropriateness, and completeness of Phlebotomy Services as well as investigation of complaints.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of department goals, objectives, policies, and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with SMG policies and procedures, governmental and accreditation regulations.
  • Assist in the development of department operating budget and ensures that department operates within budget.
  • Coordinate and manage the duties, responsibilities, and scheduling of phlebotomists. Provide adequate and emergent coverage to all SMG locations.
  • Participate in recruitment, orientation, training, coaching and annual evaluation of phlebotomists.
  • Manage inventory to prevent overages and shortages.
  • Adhere to regulatory and accrediting agencies including CAP, DOH, and OSHA. Prepares and ensures all departmental and company policies and procedures are communicated to phlebotomists, including infection control and biohazard waste disposal.
  • Contribute to the overall effectiveness of SMG Laboratory by performing nontechnical, educational, and administrative duties.
  • Perform all duties and responsibilities in a courteous and efficient manner, always demonstrating positive customer service principles to clients
  • Ensure clean and orderly phlebotomy and processing area and ensures areas are stocked with necessary supplies
  • Perform audits to confirm test orders are properly placed in the computer.
  • Ensure that staff is trained and signed off in areas of competency before being assigned to work independently.
  • Provide continuous, timely feedback to phlebotomists.
  • Conduct monthly staff meetings with phlebotomists. Observes and evaluates offsite phlebotomy services.