Generalist broad role in charge of Social Media
Reports into a Marketing Manager
Cool offices in Abbotsford

Online and wholesale apparel brand has sucessfully implemented a strategy to downsize and streamline the operation over the last year or so – to concentrate on core business. Tight talented savvy energetic team with brand traction and recognition. Cool offices in Abbotsford

Customise marketing calendar with key dates/objectives. Set deadlines.
Champion visionary strategies across digital channels (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok) and work with Marketing Manager e to commit to key sales-channels.
Liaise with Creative Director and Marketing Manager on brand vision mission and objectives.

Effectively communicate clear marketing campaigns to management.
Work with the heads of media to actualise the marketing vision.
Liaise with graphic designer to portray marketing vision for all things email web design, campaign, and socials.
Mould inventive marketing campaigns that drive home the brand ethos and values.
Collaborate with the design team to gather a complete understanding of trend led seasonal releases to actualise product driven campaigns.
Oversee planning and execution of promotional events.
Negotiate with all outsourced agencies to coordinate and manage the objectives of the marketing campaigns.
Review performance of campaigns through sales data and analytics and create reports on the effectiveness of each campaign.
Report on any marketing or product insights that arise from social media engagement through marketing channels.
Tailor a cyclic marketing approach to phase out low performing products.
Liaise with Operations and Customer Service departments to ensure seamless user experience across every consumer touchpoint.

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