You love being “thrown in the deep end” and are a very fast learner and an absolute whizz at admin. You love being organised and structured (some people may call you an organise-freak). You know anything you get into you can make 2-3x more efficient.

You’ve been looking for your dream job, perhaps unsure of exactly what it is. You know you want to be a part of a company that is doing something controversial, special and different.

You know you want to help businesses and are fascinated by people and by companies. So far you’ve exceeded all expectations given to you by previous work experiences and failure is simply not an option for you.

You LOVE work, you’re just looking for the right place that will appreciate and mentor you.


This job is as special as it gets. You will be trained on a revolutionary method of hiring/recruitment. NO OTHER RECRUITER does what we do. It is cutting edge and controversial.

Just for perspective, the recruitment industry generates $11bn per year in Australia alone, and no one else does what we do. The opportunities are endless.

Your job will be to follow this process and ensure our clients receive only the best, top performing staff. We service multiple industries including fashion retail, law, architecture, construction and manufacturing. You will be exposed to how these businesses operate, how the owners work, so that you can find them the best staff.

You do not need any experience in HR or even business! This is a traineeship which means you will be taken underneath our wing and given responsibility as quickly as you feel you can handle it, and no sooner.

As we are growing you will also be taught directly by the Founder, which later will not be available to future staff.


Founded out of a frustration for typical recruitment, this business was created with a purpose to build high performing teams. With a focus on mentoring, rewarding and celebrating achievement, we love to challenge how teams are managed and mentored and we believe we are doing our job by how amazing our clients’ teams are.

We have the ability to truly and directly impact how successful our clients are.

Internally, this company is truly special. The owner values the team and is willing to invest into them to build something great. It is a great company for longevity and long-term career decisions.


You’ve always wanted someone to take a chance on you because you know how valuable you are to a company, based on all the value you have brought to previous roles.

If you felt like this ad was written for you, apply now!

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