Full Job Description
Title: Art Director

Company/Location: Patients & Purpose / New York

Department/Discipline: Art

Competencies: Customer Focus, Interpersonal Savvy and Creativity

Overview: The Art Director is responsible for learning about the basics of healthcare advertising, creating concepts on strategy, and the agency process. The Art Director is a driven and ambitious member of the creative team with an eye for design.

Develop concepts and supporting materials for 360º healthcare advertising
Work closely with copy and account services as a team player to ensure that the creative needs of your brand(s) are met
Be a brand steward: manage design, typography and overall visual identity in the online and offline spaces
Stay Creatively Fresh: actively seek and share digital inspiration (creative, technology, general digital trends) with their teams, art department, and agency
Ability to present/communicate in an organized, professional, and effective manner
Responsible for managing workload and timeline.