Full Job Description
Account Executive


You rally your team and clients around big ideas, driving commitment that requires the efforts of many, not just the interests of few. You’re passionate about everything you sink your teeth into, and you’re driven to seek new and challenging opportunities. Complacency has been consciously struck from your vocabulary. Your eagerness is balanced by practicality—an innate understanding of the value of planning ahead and being prepared. Your team relies on your foresight and your ability to identify problems before they interrupt workflow. You’ve got your finger on the team’s pulse, knowing you can learn something from each member and every situation. You champion disruptive creative thinking while ensuring the work remains tethered to the scope. And you help meet client expectations by modeling behavior that can’t help but exceed them.

Plan (20%)
Kickstart timeline development by providing a due date and client mandatories to project management, and ensure that timeline meets both team and client needs
Apply your experience and understanding of agency processes to encourage constructive and proactive planning
Inform and review project estimates to ensure they’re realistic, comprehensive, and fit within the overall SOW
Track (20%)
Work closely with PM to evaluate and approve finance tracker, invoices, and reconciliation documents
Review routing projects against client comments and creative brief, and act as the PRC expert—ensuring all PRC comments are clarified and addressed
Manage project modifications and deliverables with internal team members
Act (40%)
Partner closely with PM to ensure team and client needs are met on financial planning and tracking documents
Establish client relationship with one key client contact, such as the PRC lead
Recap meetings with defined discussion points and actionable next steps that show we are driving process and POV
Maintain clear and consistent communication with clients, agency partners, and internal team
Contribute to tactical ideation by being involved in D-Live and being an active participant during tactical brainstorming
Consume (15%)
Understand the elements of the Creative Brief, particularly the Disruption, and recognize aspects of each brief in routing projects
Immerse yourself in brand and market knowledge by searching online, reviewing trade journals, attending market research, attending a convention, and participating in a rep ride-along if possible—ultimately demonstrating that knowledge with presentations to internal team and clients
Apply (5%)
Share your knowledge about client, brand, and market learnings with your team, and in particular PM, during planning and review meetings and on routing projects