Freighter Operations Planning Officer – Qatar Job Vacancy

Qatar Job Vacancy

Freighter Operations Planning Officer

Qatar Airways Group


About Your Job

In this role you will be responsible to monitor and produce the Freighter Operations Planning in compliance with Qatar Airways and Flight Safety regulations on actual and real-time flight duty allocation for flying Load Master Officer crew-members, Freighter Centralized Load Control, Special Loads Department and the Freighter Office functions. Your primary focus is to ensure that the department’s short and long term plans are implemented efficiently by providing constant analysis of current staffing patterns for diverse number of team and manage and maintain consistency and adequate resource coverage at all times in order to support a 24/7 operations window.

You will produce effective and fair rosters and support by ensuring the allocation of resources is undertaken independently and in-line with planned business needs. You are responsible for preparation and maintenance of reports using competitive analysis and bench-marking and for researching the best practices. You will effectively plan and formulate procedures to develop and communicate the requirements to all relevant stakeholders to improve the overall performance of Freighter Operations.

You will also ascertain to monitor Weight and Balance Freighter License renewal, re-validation, processes and all mandatory training requirements for Freighter Operations Team. You will also build cross-functional working relationships with different stake-holders and other teams around a unified strategy and improve decision making in all related domains.

About You

You must have a Bachelor’s degree preferably in Engineering or Economics studies with minimum of 4 years relevant experience preferably in Airline Operations. It is also essential that you have good understanding of aviation regulations related to this area and have the ability to prepare the roster analysis.

You are required to have the ability to manipulate situations with available resources and experience liaising with internal and external stakeholders in order to ensure proper resources and facilities available to meet the operational needs.

Strong analytical skills with creative and strategic approach to problem-solving, excellent communication and strong implementation drive supported by the end results objectives are required skills that you must have.

Qatar Job Vacancy