Fitness Hustler

We are seeking someone to join our team at our gym at Northcote! This is a two part role for an all rounder, someone who can get involved with the daily business grind as well as coach/ personal train clients with a huge smile and a high five.

Our administrator does not have to be a coach or fitness professional, but it’s a bonus if he or she lives a fit lifestyle similar to that promoted by our business.

  • Love details.
  • Are precise, tidy and very organized.
  • Take instructions and follow checklists to the letter.
  • Know how to use all general office equipment and software, and can learn to use new software or equipment to increase efficiency.
  • Enjoy paperwork, spreadsheets, databases.
  • Possess a smiling, friendly disposition (more important for CSM duties).
  • Understand all aspects of current social media and are skilled in written/visual communication (more important for SMM duties).
  • Communicate well in general, know the art of persuasion (selling)

On the coaching/ personal training side:

Great coaches will always

  • Care about each client and find creative ways to motivate, celebrate successes and make clients feel like superstars.
  • Develop effective communication styles.
  • Fill the space with their presence such that a visitor immediately knows who is running the class.
  • Consider themselves “fitness professionals” whether they are full-time staff members or coach a few classes a week.
  • Never let clients see they’re having a bad day.
  • Live an active lifestyle and pursue professional development, not because they have to but because they want to.
  • Have the technical skills needed to help clients move better and accomplish goals.
  • Absorb and act on constructive criticism, seeing it as an opportunity to improve.

Hours between 10-16 hours per week- $19 per hour.

New Zealand Job Vacancy, New Zealand Part Time