Assistant Day Shift Manager

Great choice!

Clicking on this job ad could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Sure, that may not sound terribly humble on our behalf, but we’re allowed to say that, because we already work here and we can vouch for the awesome (and the burgers).

Welcome to the wonderful world of BurgerFuel, where dreams are made alongside gourmet burgers, passion is celebrated, individuality is encouraged, and shifts are served up with a side of something special (and no, we’re not just talking about our aioli).

We’re on the lookout for an assistant Day Shift Manager and while previous experience is great, we’re more interested in your ability to roll your sleeves up, work hard and deliver exceptional customer service.

Working for us isn’t like working at other places. You’ll become a member of our secret underground staff network where you’ll get perks you won’t find elsewhere and on each shift you’ll be expected to:

  • Deliver excellent customer service – we want our customers to leave with a smile and keep coming back.
  • Managing Shifts
  • Ordering and Supplier liaison
  • Training employees
  • Have high standards – our burgers always look exactly like the pictures.
  • Be prepared to get involved with all aspects of working in a BurgerFuel restaurant.
  • Move fast, be full of energy and able to multitask. Busy shifts get crazy

Please include a cover letter in your application.

We’re looking for the best. The rock stars, the athletes, the special agents of the burger world. The best damn person to help us in our mission to take over the world, one burger at a time.

This isn’t your average burger flipping joint. We hire nothing but the best and we look for a kick-ass attitude and tonnes of passion – everything else you need to know will be served up through our world class training program

All BurgerFuel store staff become part of our secret underground staff network where you’ll get perks you won’t find elsewhere. Working in our busy, high energy store is hard work so you’ll need to be keen to roll up your sleeves, get stuck in, and have fun while you’re doing it.

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